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Water Supply in Emergencies

Course Aim and Purpose

Watsan Training is offering a free short course in Water Supply in Emergencies. The course is designed for technical professionals, students and graduates who want to gain knowledge in the field of water and sanitation. It is designed in such a way that participants attain the knowledge and skills necessary for prompt action in recovery situations, especially in developing countries.

On completion of the course, participants will be able to access and prioritize water supply in emergencies with foresight, and make appropriate decisions to prevent disease outbreak. A highly recognized certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the general principles of emergency water management.
  • Identify the water needs and requirements of displaced people in emergency.
  • Identify the possible sources of water, water related health risks, the quality assessment methods used, the type of treatment technique needed, and the protection of water source in disaster.


The Community Water Supply in Emergencies course requires completion of:

Lesson 1: General Principles of Emergency Water Management
Lesson 2: Water Needs in Emergencies
Lesson 3: Water Related Health Risks
Lesson 4: Water Supply
Lesson 5: Water Quality Assessment
Lesson 6: Simple Water Treatment Techniques
Lesson 7: End of Course Assignments

Benefits of the Water Supply in Emergencies Course

  • Receive a Watsan Training and Development Center Certificate and transcript.
  • Learn how to apply knowledge and skills to your current or future work in water and sanitation.
  • An opportunity for individual mentoring and guidance from the Watsan Training and Development Center.
  • The Watsan Training and Development Center will provide letters of recommendation upon request