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The Community Water and Sanitation Action Planning course is a broad, intense course with a heavy practical bias, providing a rare opportunity to young professionals and students to acquaint themselves with water and sanitation problems that may be present in communities in their working area and to enable them to jointly with community members, find possibilities to improve upon the situation.The course is designed to empower you with an understanding of the fundamentals of water and sanitation project planning and implementation. It provides an opportunity for you to acquaint yourself to the core principles for planning, designing and implementing water and sanitation initiatives.

At the end of this course you will have gained knowledge and skills in developing community water and sanitation action plans including water and sanitation participatory situation analysis, assessment and management of relevant water and sanitation risks and planning and introduction of important improvements to water and sanitation.


The Community Water and Sanitation Action Planning course requires completion of:

  • Module 1: Community Water Supply
  • Module 2: Water Quality Risk Management
  • Module 3: Community Water Improvement
  • Module 4: Sustainable Multiple Use Water Services
  • Module 5: Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Module 6: Management and Finance
  • Module 7: Water and Sanitation Action Planning

Benefits of the Community Water and Sanitation Action Planning course

  • Receive a Watsan Training and Development Center Certificate and transcript.
  • Learn how to apply knowledge and skills to your current or future work in water and sanitation.
  • An opportunity for individual mentoring and guidance from the Watsan Training and Development Center.
  • The Watsan Training and Development Center will provide letters of recommendation upon request

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  1. Mr. Alpha Juweh Jalloh

    Watsan training center you’re indeed a positive educational center, helping ready population to acquire all what they need to advance their knowledge in different directions… Keep it up…

    This few time I partner with your educational center, I have learnt a lot from the lessons I have covered with you on WASH… A big thank you to all the members of the watsan training center.

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