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Course Aim and Purpose

Business reports are your company’s main tool to enable and support critical decision making. If you are proposing a course of action–either within your company or to a client–the report you write will be its best advocate.

It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately. The report writing and presentation course has been designed specifically for people who are required to write business reports. It concentrates exclusively on the skills you need to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective.

The High Impact short course will teach you how to prepare quickly, learn and practice the best method for delivering your message, and maintain audience interest at all times. This is an essential skill that is needed to enhance your managerial skills, create customer satisfaction and develop team synergy.

Course Objectives:

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:-

  • To make the learners understand and clarify concepts used in report writing
  • To equip learners with the knowledge and skills in report writing
  • To make the learners appreciate the different types of reports
  • To acquaint the learners with skills required for report writing and presentation skills To make  learners grasp the different documentation  strategies

Benefits of the Report Writing and Presentation Course

  • Receive a Watsan Training and Development Center Certificate and transcript.
  • Learn how to apply knowledge and skills to your current or future work in Project Management.
  • An opportunity for individual mentoring and guidance from the Watsan Training and Development Center.
  • The Watsan Training and Development Center will provide letters of recommendation upon request
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