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9 Jul 2019

Water and Sanitation Action Planning Course

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About the Course

The Watsan Training and Development Center is pleased to announce a Short Course in Water and Sanitation Action Planning.

The Community Water and Sanitation Action Planning course is designed to empower participants with an understanding of the fundamentals of water and sanitation project planning and implementation. The course provides an opportunity to young professionals and students to acquaint themselves to the core principles for planning, designing and implementing water and sanitation initiatives.

The course is divided in 8 modules/units and is offered through distance learning. Each course module has its own assignments which you will be required to complete and send for marking. If you work consistently and complete at least one Module every week, it will take you a minimum of 8 weeks to complete this course. It is upon you to determine your speed. Students with good speed can cover the course within the 8 weeks or even less. You will receive your certificate of completion through post, DHL or any other means appropriate to you.

Course Curriculum
The Community Water and Sanitation Action Planning course requires completion of:

  • Module 1: Community Water Supply
  • Module 2: Water Quality Risk Management
  • Module 3: Community Water Improvement
  • Module 4: Sustainable Multiple Use Water Services
  • Module 5: Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Module 6: Management and Finance
  • Module 7: Water and Sanitation Action Planning

The total course cost is USD 80 and may be paid in installments. Payments can be made through bank transfer or Western Union. If you enrol now you will have a 25% discount.

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Benefits of Doing Short Courses at the Watsan Training Center

Below are 5 benefits of doing a short course at the Watsan Training and Development Center.

1. Increases Chances of Employment
Finding employment is a challenge, but even more so for the unskilled and those fresh out of high school. A short course provides an individual with a skill which can assist in making that individual more employable.

2. Career Development
Sometimes skills of an academic nature are insufficient for the workplace with regard to management positions or any other position on senior level and requires certain attributes for an individual to be competent. There are short courses in the form of seminars or workshops which run for a few days whereby individuals acquire leadership, managerial and interpersonal skills which assist in career development. Some companies offer short courses of this nature to employees at the company’s expense. It is wise to take full advantage of your company sending you for a short course because adding the certificate to your CV makes a good impression whether you desire a promotion or seek a better opportunity.

3. Personal Development
Short courses can be effective to improve one’s character. For example a public speaking course is useful for an introvert to build confidence to speak in front of a crowd and will help the individual in a professional as well as social setting. There are courses that cater for both career and personal development, for example, a computer course not only proves useful in the workplace but also makes it easier to keep up with advancing technology and programs by having the basics covered.

4. Short Courses for Leisure or Hobbies (CV Enhancer)
Learning or acquiring a skill is not only for the benefit of one’s personal or career development but can be done as a leisurely activity. Examples of short courses that are suitable as leisurely activities include photography or interior decorating, typing & secretarial services and designing courses. These courses are initially set out as career options but can also be enjoyed as a hobby.

5. Very affordable and at times Free.
Attending short courses Watsan Training broadens one’s knowledge and can unlock hidden potential with the right training and full participation. Short courses are beneficial in many ways. It is not just an educational opportunity for the unskilled and unemployed, but also for anyone looking to improve themselves in various aspects of life.

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