Project Management

Project Management Course

The Advanced Certificate in Project Management Course strives to maximise personal development, grow management and leadership skills and contribute to positive economic change in the countries from which students are drawn.

The course is designed for individuals with little or no project management experience, as well as for technically qualified people from all fields who require specific practical skills in project management. This short course is also ideal for the person who has successfully completed a post-matric qualification in another field of study, but whose career path has developed into the field of project management.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Certificate in Project Management Course, students will be able to:

  • practice the process of project management and its application in delivering successful projects;
  • evaluate a project to develop the scope of work, provide accurate cost estimates and to plan the various activities;
  • understand and use risk management analysis techniques that identify the factors that put a project at risk and to quantify the likely effect of risk on project timescales;
  • identify the resources required for a project and to produce a work plan and resource schedule;
  • distinguish between the different types of project and follow the stages needed to negotiate an appropriate contract; and
  • develop a project plan and change control systems to integrate the various project elements.



The Certificate in Project Management requires completion of:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management
Module 2: Project Scope and Time Management
Module 3: Project Quality Management
Module 4: Project Risk Management
Module 5: Project Schedule, Cost and Budget Control
Module 6: Project Monitoring and Evaluation


Benefits of the Advanced Certificate in Project Management

  • Receive a Watsan Training and Development Center Certificate and transcript.
  • Learn how to apply knowledge and skills to your current or future work in Project Management.
  • An opportunity for individual mentoring and guidance from the Watsan Training and Development Center.
  • The Watsan Training and Development Center will provide letters of recommendation upon request
  • Graduates are highly sought after and targeted as desired candidates for employment


Course Fees

The course fee is 3000 shillings(USD 30) per module and is payable at the beginning of every module.

The fees will cover the course modules, exams, certificate and transcript.

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