About Us

About Us

The Watsan Training and Development Center is a registered training and development organisation offering trainings in water and sanitation technologies.

The center undertakes training programs aimed at grooming water and sanitation proffessionals and stakeholders who are directly involved in the management of water and sanitation initiatives. The center runs various formal and non formal training/academic courses both on short and long term basis.



A world where community water and sanitation initiatives are sustainable managed and communities have access to sustainable water and sanitation facilities.



To facilitate the development of skilled proffessionals in the sector of water and sanitation technologies for sustainable management of water and sanitation initiatives. The mission statement includes:


  1. Bridge the knowledge gap between the community and service providers through education and training to assist stakeholders in implementation, operation and maintenance of water and sanitation initiatives.
  2. Promote appropriate and affordable water and sanitation technologies based on research and field level studies.

About Watdec

WATDEC is a registered training center offering training programmes in water and sanitation.

Our training programmes have provided thousands of learners with skills and knowledge in water and sanitation

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